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Public Art (Inc.Community Art Projects)

Alfred Deakin

Mural Commission - 2015


Mural commisioned by Deakin University for the Geelong Waterfront Campus. Undertaken as a collaboration mentoring art student Jack Herd. The subject of the mural is former Australian Prime Minister Alfred Deakin, after whom the university is named.

M2M Installation

Steampacket Garden - 2014


Community Art installation and walking circle coordinated by Glen Smith & David Dellafiora. As a part of the City of Greater Geelong's Mountain to Mouth extreme art walk.


Thematically exploring the notions of cargo cults in a contemporary consumerist society.


Spirit Birds: Lizz Lethlean

Photo: Brian Cohn

Chrissy Amphlett

Mural Commission - 2014


Commisioned by the City of Greater Geelong as a tribute to former Geelong local Chrissy Amphlett. This is a large scale aerosol mural by Glen Smith as a part of the 5G:ID project as an urban laneway renewal. Located in Dennys Place Geelong CBD.

Geelong Gallery - 2014
Large scale foyer installation at the Geelong Gallery as a part of the 'We are Geelong' suite of exhibitions. This installation by Smith uses a multitude of urban art techniques including paste-ups, stencils, stickers and freehand graffiti. The mixed media installation is 4.5x15 m in size.
Commission for COGG - 2013


Ctrl+V was a 40m paste-up installation on the hoardings around and relating to the site for the new Geelong Library and Heritage Centre. Smith worked as both the coordinator and an artist on the project. Nine other artists were selected to pacticipate in the project focusing on past, present and future as a theme.

Mind Control: Animation
Customs House: Projection 2011

Three story animated projection by Glen Smith on Customs House on the Geelong waterfront. An animated mash-up collage focused on consumerism. Presented by Courthouse Arts and running for various screenings over a week.

Art Insert - Animation
Geelong Live Site - 2004
Community art animation produced by Glen Smith, presented at regular intervals on the public screen at the Geelong live site on the waterfront as a part of the 2004 Commonwealth Games.
Installation - 2004
The Greenerland installation by Glen Smith played on aspects of ownership and citizenship. Creating a 'No Entry' republic as a part of the Geelong Arts Alliance's 'Artists Republics' project, Smith stamped visitors passports but would not allow visitors into the lush turf installation. Custom signage was created to representing asylum seeker issues at the time and faux tourist souvineers were created with the proceeds donated to the local refugee and asylum seeker support system. This was presented as a part of the 2004 Next Wave Festival.
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