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Exhibitions - Recent Solo Exhibitions

GROUND - 2016

Boom Gallery (Gallery 2)

'Ground' is the new solo exhibition by Glen Smith and his latest creative foray investigating the substance and identity of place. Focusing on urban landscapes as the subject matter, the artworks evolve from figurative through to large format abstract paintings. The exhibition signifies a stylistic transition moving from capturing purely physical worlds to incorporating psychological and emotional states about the place one calls home and transitioning to abstract representations of these aspects.

ZONE 1 - 2015

Port Jackson Press: LWOO

This latest body of artwork by Glen Smith created over 2015, explores grungy inner city suburbs of Melbourne and its familiar territories and iconography. Fitzroy, Collingwood, Brunswick and North Melbourne among other central suburbs all become the subject of Smith's urban explorations. Having lived, studied, worked and stumbled home over the years in Melbourne's inner zone. Smith documents the modern metropolis and local culture within his urban art inspired aesthetic, capturing a fleeting glimpse of the Zone 1 geography.

Port Jackson Press: LWOO
Street Level has multiple readings. It suggests notions of being viewed from the street and physical streetscapes. While it also refers to street art and culture, and aspects of having your attitudes grounded. The exhibition in the Little Window of Opportunity is composed of recent small works by Glen Smith that combine spray paint, stencils and alternative printmaking techniques.
Boom Gallery (Gallery 1)

Focusing on the Geelong urban landscape within a contemporary context, Smith’s new body of artwork completed over 2014 further extends and widens his gaze taking in icons of local industry, heritage buildings and icons within the urban landscape that he traverses on his daily commute. tylistically the work is reflective of the environment that it captures. It is grungy and street level with a street art aesthetic used to capture the local built environment. Highlights that the viewer will see on show include iconic buildings such as Erskine’s Disposals, Denny Lascelles Woolstore as well as other city motifs that remind the viewer of familiar locations. The exhibition consists of over 70 works capturing a contemporary snapshots of Geelong’s Landscape presented artistically, and in a manner reflective of a city transitioning toward embracing the 21st century urban model.

LOCAL - 2013
Boom Gallery

Grungy street art inspired urban environments and skylines captured in their full illuminated glory. Artworks that are specific in their Geelong locations, yet captured in a glimpsing manner allowing for both familiarity for the locals with their intimacy of the physical locations, while also creating broader associations of inner city environments for a wider audience base through the use of common urban symbology, architecture and constructs. Through portraits of places, street scenes, fleeting snapshots and panoramas, ‘Local’ captures the very nature of the inner city of Geelong and the general atmosphere of ones surroundings when living in a contemporary cityscape.

Boom Gallery
 ‘Only dead fish go with the flow’ is a new exhibition of paintings by Geelong based contemporary artist Glen Smith. Filling the entire space at Newtown’s Boom Gallery, this extensive solo exhibition investigates a range of issues as diverse as matters of the heart through to political and social commentaries. Heavily influenced by street art and its aesthetic, Smith’s paintings are urban and gritty street level snapshots of contemporary society. Through stencils, paste-ups as well as traditional painting techniques the artworks in the show are designed to make the viewer reconsider the state of the world and present new ways to look at issues in life.
Other Solo exhibitions:
Commute - NextGEN Gallery, Geelong
New Work by Glen Smith - Red Door, Inverleigh.


Versus: VS – Hub Gallery, Geelong.


Greenerland Installation (Artists Republics) – Part of the 2004 Nextwave Festival, Geelong.


ARTificial Ingredients (Nightwatch: Geelong by Night)  – Front Art Space, Geelong.


New Pollution – Hub Gallery, Geelong.


Generic* Engineering – Shop106 – Market Square Mall, Geelong.

Print/Media (Cross Reference Project) Artists in Libraries – Belmont Library, Geelong.


Context 5 – The Pink Pole Gallery (Gordon Tafe), Geelong.


Text Paintings – Geelong Performing Arts Centre, Geelong.

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